Spatial Bassweight 001 Mixed By EYECoN

EYECoN: Spatial Bassweight 001

The first episode of the Spatial Bassweight series, mixed by the talented EYECoN, a highly dedicated DJ and founder of the Fwd.Sound.Collectiv.

Spatial Bassweight 001 Tracklist

Gantz - Wintershine Music [Aquatic Lab]
Piezo - Kaleya [Dub]
Gantz - Lifebound [Aquatic Lab]
Facta & K-Lone - Voodoo [Chord Marauders]
Kial - Transition of Perspective [Sub Pressure Recordings]
Youngsta - Poseidon [Tempa Records]
Ex Nihilo - Zealot [Dub]
Piezo & D-Operation Drop - Trench [Dub]
Catacombs - Badman Culture Pt. 2 [Macabre Unit Vinyl]
Spec - The Depths [Soundcloud]
Kryptic Minds - Convoluted [Tectonic Records]
L 33 - Skeleton [Platform Music]
SP:MC - Airlock [Tempa Records]
Tallan - A90 [Dub]
Kodec - Deadstick [Dubtastic Records]
Dark Harmonics - Scent [Dub]
Tallan - Rain Dance [Dub]
Matta & Chewie - Embryonics [Requiem Audio]
TeeFreqs - Back To Roots [Aquatic Lab]
Nomine - Daya [Dubzilla Recordings]
Proxima - Valve Wars [Tempa Records]
Kaiju feat. Flowdan - Hunter [Osiris Music UK]
Piezo & D-Operation Drop - Questions [Soundcloud]
Promise One - Ghost Note [Dub]
Piezo - Isis [NoMad Records]
Genetix - Prototype [Bacon Dubs]
Ulterior Motive - The Elephant Tune [Metalheadz]
Content - Osmosis VIP [FKOFUn/Known01]
RDG feat. Beezy - Forbidden Knowledge [Boka Records]
Prism - Future Samba VIP (Compa Remix) [Forthcoming Tuba Records]
Matt-U & Killawatt - The Strangers [Black Box]
Kuantum & Mateba - Distracted [IM:LTD]
Trim - Notice Now (Anex Remix) [Soundcloud]
Versa - Vuelvo [Macabre Unit Digital]
Benton - Fathers Son [Wheel & Deal Records]


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