Karma - Roots of Dubstep Mix (100% Vinyl)

Karma: Roots of Dubstep Mix

Bit of education in this set from Karma, featuring many of the tracks that laid the foundation for what we now refer to as dubstep.

Karma Roots Dubstep Mix Tracklist 

El-B  - The Club
Wookie  - Down On Me
Menta ft. Ms Dynamite  - Ramp
El-B  - Amazon
Horsepower Productions  - Fat Larry's Skank
Zed Bias ft. juiceman & Simba  - Jigga Up (Ring The Alarm)
loefah  - Truly Dread
D - Cocaine1
Mala  - Hunter
Coki  - Beep
Skream  - Monsoon (Loefah Remix)
The Bug ft. Flowdan  - Skeng
Cluekid  - Crazy Legs
Skream  - Shake It
Mala  - Lean Forward
Goth-trad  - Sun Beam
Vivek  - Feel It
Kryptic Minds  - 768
Icicle  - Xylophobia
J-Kenzo - The Roteks

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