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Youngsta played a big part in the creation of a growing sub genre of dubstep, often refered to as the 'deep, dark dungeon sound'. I prefer to just call it deep, minimal dubstep, but a label's a label so call it what you want! We're talking about really tightly produced, bass-heavy tunes, with lots of space. Youngsta pioneered this sound and though he is primarily a DJ, he has worked with producers like Kryptic Minds, Icicle, LX-One and Ben Verse who make tracks of this style. Most of the sets here are from his Rinse FM show with Toast, who in my opinion is the best MC ever! No machine gun lyrics with Toast - he has a really chilled style and really complements Youngsta's mixes perfectly...Massive respect to the Toast!

Youngsta's Three Deck Mixes

For those who don't know, Youngsta loves his 3 deck mixes and will often bring a third track in to the mix, just as a tease. In most tracklists, you will probably see '>>>>' arrows instead of a track time. This indicates that the track has been 'teased' in to the mix.


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Mixes by Youngsta

Youngsta: Trap Magazine Mixtape

Dubstep pioneer, RinseFM stalwart and legend of the UK underground, Youngsta rocks up with an exclusive mix for Trap.

30 January 2015
Youngsta: Trap Magazine Mixtape #012
Rating: Zero stars
Youngsta: Contact Live (261213)

Recorded live at Contact/Rinse Boxing Day Party on 26th December 2013 in Fabric (Room 3).

26 December 2013
Youngsta: Contact - Live @ Fabric (26th December 2013)
Rating: 0 star
Youngsta RinseFM 041113 (Icicle)

Youngsta goes back to back with Icicle, with dubstep for the first hour, then veering off to  other genres to play a few favourites.

04 November 2013
Youngsta b2b Icicle Rinse FM (4th November 2013)
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 300913 (Contact)

The Rinse studio is full of guests this week, with J:Kenzo, Icicle, Truth & Sgt Pokes all joining Youngsta & Toast, warming up ready for Contact.

30 September 2013
Youngsta w/ J:Kenzo, Icicle, Truth, Pokes & Toast (Contact Special)
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 230913

Yunx brings fresh sounds from Truth, Caspa & AxH this week, with Toast & LX hosting.

23 September 2013
Youngsta & Toast RinseFM 23rd September 2013
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 160913 (DnB)

Yunx and Toast present your weekly dose of minimal sounds. Yunx delivers some uber-deep 170bpm flavours for the last half hour.

16 September 2013
Youngsta & Toast RinseFM 16th September 2013
Rating: 0 star
Youngsta RinseFM 090913 (Kursk)

Kursk, the man behind Innamind kicks off this weeks show with a guest mix, featuring some of the new LAS beats just released on IMRV006.

09 September 2013
Kursk, Youngsta & Toast RinseFM 9th September 2013
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 020913 (Truth)

Legends Truth are back in the studio and kick the show off with a phenomenal guest mix, with Yunx taking over for the second hour with his usual top quality blend of 140 and 170 dubs.

02 September 2013
Truth, Youngsta & Toast RinseFM 2nd September 2013
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 260813 (Seven)

Seven hits up the studio this week, taking over the airwaves for the first hour and showcasing the latest sounds from the Uprise Audio camp.

26 August 2013
Youngsta & Seven Rinse FM 26th August 2013
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 190813

New Biome material this week! Yunx has a handful of fresh Biome dubs, which get the immaculate mixing treatment. Toast on mic duties.

19 August 2013
Youngsta & Toast Rinse FM 19th August 2013
Rating: 5 stars
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